Team GMB on Double Up Radio

Forming GMB, Rose Rell, and T-Stunna, both had a hunger for the music industry at a young age. Both born and raised in Newark, NJ, their music can be described as versatile and simply great. With their mixtape cd entitled, "The Take Off,"  flooding the streets, this duo have nothing more but expected success in the future. With party hits such as,  "Pop That Bottle", "Ballin is my Hobby", "Late Night Love" and "Head to your Toe", the reviews for The Take Off have been embracing. GMB wants their legacy to reflect as a movement with a cause of bringing back hip hop in it's prime!

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About Us

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Double Up Entertainment was formed in 2005 by Pito Da-Dj. Since then, he has established a name for himself by doing major shows, parties, weddings, etc. Dj-Rome has been Djing for a countless number of yrs with quite a few top events under his belt. Including Djing with and for Radio personalities such as Hot 97 and Power 105.1 New York. In 2010 Pito Da-Dj and Dj-Rome teamed up and decided to take "Double Up" to the next level by creating "Double up Radio". The two together now have an unstoppable team.