Chris Brown Will Do 'Something He's Never Done' At VMAs

Chris Brown stole the show in Las Vegas with his table-hopping performance at the 2007 VMAs, and he's been a tough act to follow ever since. But now he faces an even bigger challenge: topping himself.

As they prepare Breezy's moves for the 2011 VMAs, veteran chorographers Rich and Tone are confident he'll pull it off on Sunday night.
"You're definitely gonna see Chris Brown; in a 1000 percent mode," said Rich of CB's plans. "Of course everybody knows he can sing, he has great music, and aside from that, you're going to see that he's an amazing dancer."

It's still anyone's guess which of song (or songs) the pragmatic dance machine will perform, but his latest album F.A.M.E. has produced a number of hits, including "Deuces," the Michael Jackson-inspired "She Ain't You" and his Best Collaboration-nominated single "Look at Me Now" with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. Any one of those aforementioned tracks is an option, or he could do a medley that includes multiple chart-toppers.

Rich and Tone, who choreographed this year's routine as well Chris' 2007 stage show, remained tight-lipped about what Breezy's stage will look like, but the veteran dancers are impressed with what they've seen in rehearsals so far. "We've been working with Chris for many years; I've never seen him this way on this performance ever," Tone teased. "He's pulling out all his tricks on this one. He's definitely gonna show you something fresh and new; something he has never done before."

But can Chris Brown top '07's display where he sang his single "Wall to Wall" while hoping table-to-table, incorporating the audience into his now classic routine? "It's hard top yourself, but that's the goal that we're trying to hit," Tone said. "So, yes, it's a yes to that question, we are trying to top the 2007 performance."

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