Rihanna Teases 'You Da One' Video With New Still

Rihanna is giving fans a taste of what they should expect from her forthcoming "You Da One" video. Over the weekend, the Talk That Talk singer tweeted a still from the clip.

"#YOUDAONEVIDEO you know im already in trouble 4 this but, i like to keep yall in the loop," she wrote in the tweet, which also included a photo of Rihanna, topless, leaning back in a chair as she blows smoke into the air. It's a similar image to her deluxe-edition album cover, where she looks into the camera, also topless and blowing smoke.

Helmed by her "We Found Love" director Melina Matsoukas, Rihanna dropped a behind-the-scenes video earlier this month. In the clip, filmed while the singer was on her Loud Tour, a mold is taken of her teeth to create a fanged grill for the video.

"I'm getting a grill made for an upcoming video shoot for 'You Da One,' but I only want the bottom done with fangs, and they have to make a mold so they can send it to New Castle, ship it from New Castle, get it made, and then send it back to London for the video," she explained, giving no other details about the grill's presence in the video.

Some photos from the set also leaked around the same time. Wearing a short blond wig with blunt bangs, Rihanna dons a tight white tank top, denim shorts, bold black tights with the word "Boy" written on them in white and a white bowler hat. The look fits the wardrobe she's been wearing during this album phase, which is very street and punk-inspired.

"You Da One" is the second single off the album. Produced by Dr. Luke, it follows up the success of "We Found Love."

"This is one of those records, it becomes very addictive," she said about the track. "To me, it's very infectious: The more you listen to it, the more you want to listen to it. It had a reggae vibe, but it's a sweet little love letter. I love the record. It's kind of dirty, I love it."

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