Tina Knowles Killin The Game

I believe the moment I realized Miss Tina is not your average 60 year old, was when rumors began spreading that she was in a relationship with actor Richard Lawson. The proof was in this photo

Top off that appearance with the photos from Ms. Tina’s 60th birthday party nine days ago and I was convinced this woman is purchasing Big Gulps from the fountain of youth on a daily basis. That hour-glass figure in that black, gold, and tan dress was looking better than her own daughters,’ and that’s no easy task when we’re talking about Beyonce and Solange. I say all this to say that when I came across the photo above on Beyonce’s Tumblr this morning, I decided I was no longer going to keep my appreciation of this woman a secret because she is absolutely killing the game right now. I know black don’t crack, but this woman is out here looking like the

What do you say? Has 60 every looked this good (Besides Tina Turner — must be something about the name!)?

female Benjamin Button, and to that all I can say is: Werk Mama Tina!
of the pair, who we now know is a real couple, at the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation’s Angel Ball, but at the time I said to hell with her new boo, can we talk about how amazing this woman looks? I’m talking hair laid, body tight, and her face naturally on point. Consequently I deduced three things that day: The BeyincĂ©s are working with a crazy set of genes — let’s be real, even if she has had work done, most people’s plastic surgery doesn’t turn out this natural; Richard Lawson is no fool; Matthew Knowles, however, is.

                                                                                By: Brande Victorian

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